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The mission of the Central Archives of Historical Records is: “to preserve the written heritage of the past generations for the future and make it widely accessible to the general publicity of today and tomorrow”.

Central Archives of Historical Records
Head of Archives - Hubert Wajs PhD
Długa 7 Street, PL 00-263 Warszawa
phone (+ 48)(22) 831-54-91
fax. (+ 48)(22) 831-16-08
e-mail: sekretariat@agad.gov.pl
strona www: www.agad.archiwa.gov.pl

Dear Sirs and Madams,
The Central Archives of Historical Records would like to inform that due to the continuing works (rearrangements and cleanings of the repositories) after the last year's renovations, opening hours of the Reading Room and access to records are still limited.
The Reading Room is opened on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. hours, Wednesday form 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. hours
Fonds of following numbers are accessible: 1, 334-355, 357, 359-414, 444, 447, 425, 431, 448, 450-453, 457-459, 464,468-470. Access to the microfilms is unchanged.

Document ordering times: Documents can be requested twice a day on 9:00 and 13:00 There is a limit of 5 archival units (for Warsaw resident) and 10 archival units (non-resident) on current orders per reader per day.

In the Reading Room of the Central Archives of Historical Records there are 31 sits; 17 for researchers who would like to inspect original records and 14 for the microfilm readers. There is also a special table for reading maps. Finding aids, dictionaries and some books are on the shelves around the work space.

The Central Archives of Historical Records was established in the year 1808. Historical records of the central authorities: Crown Archives and Royal Chancery Registers (from 13th till 18th century) are kept along with the registers of the local tribunals for nobles (from 15th till 18th century) and records of public authorities, offices and institutions from the period of Partitions (1795 - 1918). Here are also records of nobles families, individuals and their estates.

Due to the lower budget and the need to economize, the Users in the reading room are allowed to plug in only four notebooks to the electricity for uploading the battery.

According to the after control recommendation of the Head Office of Polish State Archives in the Reading Room one could only read the archival units with valid pagination.
Please note, that due to the fulfillment of this recommendation, from April 2010, the expectation time for the archival unit, which have to be paginated, could last even for two weeks.

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Plan pracy Pracowni Naukowej AGAD w 2014 r.
Czas zwykły:
od poniedziałku do piątku od 9.00 do 19.00
Wietrzenie Pracowni Naukowej odbywa się w godzinach: 12.15 - 12.30, 17.00 - 17.15
Podczas wietrzenia należy opuścić Pracownię Naukową
Czas skrócony:
18 kwietnia (Wielki Piątek) od 9.00 do 12.00
30 kwietnia, środa od 9.00 do 16.00
18 czerwca, środa od 9.00 do 16.00
31 października, piątek od 9.00 do 12.00
1 stycznia, środa (Nowy Rok)
6 stycznia, poniedziałek (Trzech Króli)
21 kwietnia, poniedziałek (Wielkanoc)
1 maja, czwartek (Święto Pracy)
2 maja, piątek
19 czerwca, czwartek (Boże Ciało)
20 czerwca, piątek
10 listopada, poniedziałek
11 listopada, wtorek (Święto Niepodległości)
24 grudnia, środa (Wigilia)
25 grudnia, czwartek (I Dzień Świąt)
26 grudnia, piątek (II Dzień Świąt)
30 grudnia, wtorek
31 grudnia, środa (Sylwester)
Kontakt telefoniczny
(+ 48)(22) 831-54-91 w. 429 (Pracownia Naukowa)
(+ 48)(22) 831-54-91 w. 427
(+ 48)(22) 831-54-91 w. 446
W sierpniu Pracownia Naukowa jest zamknięta.
Ponadto Pracownia Naukowa jest zamknięta w soboty i niedziele.